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Native Mobile Apps For Restaurants

Every restaurant we speak to wants more customers, but what they really want more than anything is more REPEAT customers.  Competition in the restaurant industry is tough and sometimes it takes more than great food, location and atmosphere to be successful.  Repeat customers are a big part of a making a restaurant successful.  A well thought out marketing plan that targets repeat customers will certainly help, but what what new options are now available to include in that plan?


Today, we explore how custom, branded mobile apps for restaurants can help restaurants market their stay connected to their customers and increase repeat business.


As the functionality of mobile apps has improved over the past several years, new options have arisen that can help restaurants dramatically grow their business.  It begins with your restaurants ability to have its own customized, branded app that customers or prospective customers can download on their mobile phones.  Immediately, your business is in your customers pocket (literally) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Once you are in your customers pockets, there are tons of great features within mobile restaurant apps that can help you to engage those customers. Let’s go over a few of those great features.


GPS Directions – Customers can get directions to your location(s) from anywhere in the world directly through the mobile app.


Push Notifications – Send customers notifications directly to their phone about new menu items or special offers.  No more emails or text messages!


OpenTable Integration – Customers can make reservations right in the app!


GPS Coupons – Run you loyalty program through your app.  Customers can check in every time they visit your location and they can unlock great deals after a predetermined amount of check ins. No more punch cards!


Facebook and Twitter Integration – Integrate your favorite social networks right in the app so customers can stay up to date with current happenings.


These are just a few of the great features that can help you to grow your restaurant and gain repeat customers by using a customized, branded mobile app.  To learn more about how Branded Business Apps can help you to set up a mobile app for your restaurant using its simple and affordable restaurant mobile app development platform, check out the website at:

Real Estate Mobile Apps – How Realtors & Investors Can Use Mobile Apps

Now more than ever Realtors & Real Estate Investors need that extra competitive edge to be successful in this economy. They need to be able to build trust with their clients while keeping them informed. Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents & Investors can be used in various different ways to further enhance the home buying experience. Giving clients the ease of having the information they need right on their smart phones not only simplifies their experience but also allows them to interact with their Agents in ways that they couldn’t previously.


When shopping for a home it can become cumbersome to either print directions to every house or have to caravan from home to home. With the use of an “Around Us” tab all of their featured listings can be in the app and then it just takes one click to get turn-by-turn GPS directions from wherever you are to the next home on the list. Another way to use the “Around Us” tab is to showcase all of the local things that homeowners are curious about. The nearest schools, post office, grocery store, local government offices, etc… Whatever they think would be helpful for their clients.


Agents & Investors can also integrate all of their current real estate listings into the app. If they already use Facebook, twitter, YouTube or an RSS feed (which can also include MLS integration) they can integrate each directly into their app. All of these are accessible directly through the app and would be updated in time with each program. They have the ability to post their events directly in the app as well, letting people know when and where the next Open House is. Along the same lines as each of these, they can send PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to alert clients of new listings or any other announcements they might have.


One final feature that is available, specifically to assist Real Estate professionals is the mortgage calculator that can be included in the app as well. No need to pull out your calculator and crunch the numbers just input the mortgage amount, interest rate and time, voila! Mortgage payments are calculated. Clients can adjust each variable and see what works best for them financially.


There multiple other features that we can incorporate into a Real Estate App and would love to hear from you to see what you would find most useful. Not only can we customize your mobile to personal specifications but you won’t find a better price in this market. Check out more about us at:


Mobi App Builder Launches Mobile HTML5 App

Mobi App Builder today announced that the fast growing web startup has launched an HTML5 version of their mobile app platform for small businesses. With this launch, users of the service are now able to create nearly identical mobile experiences for every mobile platform including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and all other mobile devices.



We’re extremely excited to launch our HTML5 web app. With this launch, small businesses are now able to create mobile apps across all mobile platforms without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do so.



With the phenomenal growth of mobile over the past couple years it made complete sense for Mobi App Builder to expand to other app platforms as quickly as possible. We’re thrilled to now have a mobile app solution that works across all mobile phones. Mobi App Builder is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses.